My landlord claims that I have damaged the apartment and is keeping a part of my security deposit. Will the Green Valley, Arizona renters insurance cover this loss?

Buying renters insurance for your Green Valley, Arizona apartment is almost always a good idea. Renters insurance is very affordable and it will help cover damage or loss to your personal possessions.

If someone breaks into your apartment in Sahuarita and steals your television and laptop computer, you can file a claim with your insurance company. If you suffer a kitchen fire in the apartment you are renting in Tucson, renters insurance will compensate you for your burnt curtains and any other personal contents in your home. Appliances that came with the apartment are usually covered by the landlord’s insurance policy, but may also be covered by your renters insurance.

When your lease ends or you vacate your apartment for some other reason, you are entitled to get your security back from the landlord. As long as there is no damage to your apartment, beyond normal wear-and-tear, you usually will have your deposit returned within a week or two after vacating the apartment.

Your landlord is permitted to keep part or all of your security deposit if you damaged the apartment beyond the general definition of normal wear-and-tear. If, for instance, you put a bunch of holes in the wall, or your dog had a few accidents on the carpet, a part of your security deposit may be used by the landlord to make the repairs and clean the carpet.

Your renters insurance does not cover any damage you do to the apartment. You can not use it to pay for the damage so you get all of your security back. To find out more about renters insurance, please give us a call. An independent agent can answer any questions you may have and find you a very affordable policy.