If we are without power due to winter storm, will Green Valley, Arizona homeowners insurance cover a hotel for us to stay-in until the power is restored?

While it is not very likely that you will get a big snow storm in Sahuarita or Tucson, Arizona, it is not uncommon to get a winter storm with strong winds and rain in the Green Valley area of the state. If one of those winter storms should strike and knock out all your power, you may want to pack up the family and find temporary lodging in a nearby hotel.

Living without electricity is certainly an inconvenience, but in most circumstances, your Arizona home insurance policy will not cover the cost of your hotel room. Most homeowners policies do contain a provision, or you can add a rider, that will provide reimbursement for loss due to an extended power outage. You may be compensated for food spoilage and even for damage to your electronic equipment.

However, each home insurance policy and provider is different. While one insurance company might be more lenient and cover the costs of a hotel room after 24 hours without electricity, another might not honor a claim until 5 days have passed since you first were without power.

Personal circumstances, such as having a sick or elderly parent in the home may be taken into consideration by your home insurance provider. If you, or someone in your household relies on electricity to operate important medical equipment, your circumstances may be considered serious enough to get reimbursed for the cost of a hotel room.

It is important to review your insurance policy before a situation arises where you might need to temporarily move away from your home. If you have any questions about these matters, please give us a call. An independent agent will be able to answer your questions and possibly add a rider to your current home insurance policy to provide this extra protection.