Does my commercial insurance policy cover me when my employees are off the property doing my business?

You may have a commercial insurance policy from Insurance Center of Green Valley to cover any normal damages to your business in Green Valley, AZ. But it can be confusing to understand exactly what your policy covers, and if you will need additional coverage to meet the particular demands of your business.

Many businesses do work entirely at one location, with supplies being delivered to the building. Many other businesses, however, have the need to operate at locations away from the main location. They may have other locations where they store supplies, or employees may need to go from place to place to perform essential tasks relative to the business operations.

What happens if, during the course of that activity, there is an accident? For example, an employee may need to drive to another location for a delivery. If he runs a red light, he will normally be liable for the damages. However, if he was there only because he was working for your business, it is the business that will probably be held liable.

If the employee is driving his own vehicle, his insurance is unlikely to claim responsibility. You should have a commercial auto insurance policy if your employees drive while on the job. You can also obtain a more comprehensive insurance policy to make sure that outside structures and supplies are covered under your insurance policy.

In order to make sure that you have all the coverage you need, it is always best to read your policy carefully and discuss it with your insurance agent. Know the exceptions and limitations. For the commercial insurance policy that best protects your business in Green Valley, AZ, call Insurance Center of Green Valley today.