What happens if I am caught driving without insurance?

Unless you are in an accident, you may never get caught driving without insurance in Green Valley, AZ. If you do get caught, though, the consequences can be harsh. 

Arizona is a fault state, which means that the person who caused a crash is liable for any damages. However, even if you are in an accident caused by someone else, you have a legal duty to show proof of insurance. 

Drivers in Arizona have an exception where, with some qualifications, they can post a $40,000 bond with the Department of Motor Vehicles instead of carrying insurance. Most drivers don’t meet the qualifications and can’t afford this option. 

If you are actually caught driving without insurance, you will suffer progressively more severe fines for each violation. The first fine is hundreds of dollars, but at three or more the fine is $1,000 for each violation. License suspensions start at three months, but the third and up are one year apiece. 

Not only will your driving privileges be suspended, so will your registration privileges. You won’t be able to legally renew your plates.

Your vehicle could end up being towed, in which case you would have to pay expensive tow fees and prove you have a valid registration to get it back. 

Even after you pay the fines and wait out the suspension, you will be required to pay reinstatement fees and carry a special, usually more expensive insurance in order to drive legally again. 

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