Is my employer sponsored life insurance plan enough?

As a general rule, most people don’t like to think about life insurance. That means that when an employer steps up and offers to provide life insurance, most people think "Okay, problem solved." As with many things in life, it is not really that simple. In most cases, employer sponsored life insurance is not enough.

The biggest inherent flaw with the idea of getting life insurance from your employer is that you probably won’t be with your employer for the rest of your life. In most cases, when your employment ends, your employer sponsored life insurance ends, too. This is especially problematic since life insurance tends to get more expensive as you get older, so the later in life you lose your job,the more expensive it will be to replace the insurance. If you lose your job too late in life, health issues may make you uninsurable to some agents, leaving you to search all over Green Valley, AZ and beyond for coverage.

Employers also often tend to give relatively minimal life insurance, rarely enough to cover your real needs. When you consider that your family is essentially needing to replace your income for many years, the popular employer’s life insurance standard of one year’s salary is not going to be enough to last your loved ones for very long, and certainly will not provide them much peace of mind about their future.

Life insurance is a personal thing, so it’s important to evaluate your own personal situation to determine how much you need. Odds are, you will need more insurance than you employer provides and you will need more dependable long-term coverage. To help evaluate your situation, you should call us today. As an independent agent based in Green Valley, we can answer your insurance questions and help you to make sure that you have the right coverage for you, whether you live in Sahuarita, Tucson or elsewhere in Arizona..