Is the dwelling extension amount the same as the land on my homeowner insurance premium renewal?

Renewing your homeowners insurance policy can result in the discovery of unknown terminology and details that you may have missed when you first obtained the policy. Among the terms that you may notice is the dwelling extension coverage. While it may seem that the term relates to the land, it extends beyond that limited definition.

What is Dwelling Extension?

The term dwelling extension is a simple way to refer to all of the items that are located on your land, not just the land itself. It may include a detached garage, a shed or other structures that are on your yard, but are not necessarily part of your house.

Depending on the policy, it may refer to several different items or it may simply relate to one building that is part of your property.

The Coverage

Generally, coverage for any items that are not attached to your house will only be a portion of the total amount that you have obtained on your policy. Since the details of your plan may vary, the exact amount and percentage that is identified may differ. For example, it may be five or ten percent of the total coverage or it may be a set dollar amount that is listed in the policy.

You can apply the coverage to the front or backyard, a detached garage, a shed or any other structure that is part of your property.

Homeowners insurance can seem complicated, but once you understand the terminology, it is easier to understand your policy. The dwelling extension only refers to structures and property that is detached from the house. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about protecting your property and understanding your policy.