3 Ways to Light Up Your Home This Halloween

On October 31, kids will swarm neighborhoods throughout Green Valley, AZ in search of candy. If you have a home in the area, get ready for them to run up your driveway, down your driveway and across your yard in every direction. In addition to buying plenty of candy to hand out, you should also prepare by making sure your home will be well illuminated this Halloween.

Light Up Your Home

Simply making sure there is lighting around your front yard and doorway will help reduce the risk of someone getting hurt. While kids may still not look where they’re running, making sure everywhere they go will help them avoid obstacles on your property. It will also help deter any unscrupulous individuals who would steal something from your home on Halloween night.

To light up your home for Halloween, simply:

  • turn on your home’s porch light and garage light
  • set up jack-o-lanterns so they illuminate walkways
  • string themes lights on trees in your yard

Insure Your Home

Along with lighting up your home, you should also make sure it’s fully insured. After all, lights will only reduce the risk of an accident and deter thieves. They won’t guarantee no one gets hurt and nothing gets stolen.

There are two coverages in particular that you should ask your insurance agent to check. Liability coverage may provide you with protection if someone is injured on your property, and personal property coverage may protect you if something is stolen.

If you don’t have an agent who can help you assess your home insurance policy’s coverages, contact us at the Insurance Center of Green Valley. You can easily reach us through our website, and our independent insurance agents can help you no matter what company your policy’s carrier is.