Does Getting Married Really Influence Insurance Rates?

As children get older, they often dream of getting married. One thing they fail to think about, though, is whether or not getting married will cause their insurance rates to decrease or increase. Truth be known, it can go either way, and it’s solely based on the former driving records that both spouses have. As you can imagine, the cleaner the driving record, the lower the rates will be. Here’s a closer look at how getting married will affect your auto rates and what you can do to keep your rates as low as possible. 

Ask about discounts

For starters, you should ask your insurance provider about any discounts they give for getting married. In addition, ask about multi-car policy discounts. You may find that you are able to slash your rates in half with these two discounts alone. 

Take a look at both driving histories

What does your spouse’s driving record look like? Are there DUIs? Speeding tickets? Accidents? If there are, this is most definitely going to cause your rates to increase if you combine your policy with your spouse’s. To avoid enduring an increase in your rates because of your spouse’s poor driving history, you’ll want to delay combining your policies for as long as possible. 

Be accident free

The best move to make when it comes to keeping your auto insurance rates low is for both you and your spouse to avoid getting in accidents as well as avoid getting speeding tickets. One ticket can cause your rates to increase considerably, and it can sometimes take two to three years or longer for a ticket to be removed from your driving record. 

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