Saving Money on Gasoline

Green Valley, Arizona is a great place to live. Many commute to the Tucson area for work, so they need to save money on gasoline. The Insurance Center of Green Valley offers some tips on how to save money on gasoline and gives a bit of advice that helps drivers to pay lower auto insurance premiums and still obtain superb auto insurance coverage.

Here are a few items to consider:

  1. Getting a Tune-up Increases Gas Mileage – The recommendation for a tune-up includes a full vehicle maintenance and safety check. Replacing spark plugs with new ones, changing the fuel and air filter, and adjusting engine idle speed does wonders for increasing gas mileage. Additionally, checking tire air pressure, wheel alignment, and taking unnecessary stuff out of the trunk that is excessive weight, all increase mileage. As part of a full maintenance check, be sure to review the auto insurance for proper coverage.
  2. The Use of Biofuels – Biofuels are a great way to use an alternative to gasoline, but using them needs careful consideration. It is important to understand the effects of using alternative fuels that may change the coverage for warranty repairs. Moreover, consider any potential mechanical failures from using biofuels that might cause an accident. Working with a qualified mechanic that understands these issues is important for saving money on gasoline and also for driving the vehicle in a safe manner.
  3. The Benefits of Driving a Bit Slower – It is amazing how something as simple as driving a little slower can decrease the chances of having an accident as save money on gas. Defensive driving does not mean driving so slow as to impede the flow of traffic. What it does mean is slowing down in bad weather conditions and always leaving plenty of room in front of the vehicle to come to an abrupt stop when needed.

Check in with the nice folks at the Insurance Center of Green Valley to make sure you have adequate auto insurance coverage and find out about the possibility of good driver discounts, offered by some insurance companies.