House Sitting? Three Ways You Can Protect Yourself

If you have been chosen to be a house sitter, then your friend, neighbor, or family member trusts you with one of their biggest investments. Although it seems like a fun endeavor, it can be a big responsibility. In addition to ensuring that their home remains intact once the family returns, you have to make sure you are safe during the process. The following are three safety tips you should use to protect both you and the home.

Safety Tip #1. Make sure the home is secure at all times.

Intruders are bold. They may try to break into the home while you are gone or while you are there. In order to reduce the chances of an intruder breaking in, you have to ensure that the alarm is armed at all times. With the alarm on, if an intruder is able to break a window or open a door, you’ll be notified immediately.

Safety Tip #2. Have a disaster readiness kit readily available.

There are many weather-related disasters that can happen while you are house sitting. The best way to increase your chances of surviving is to have an emergency readiness kit available. You should include extra batteries, battery-operated lights, blankets, and other emergency accessories inside your kit.

Safety Tip #3. Make sure you know what to do in any emergency situation.

Whether you are faced with an intruder or another type of disaster, what you do in the first few minutes can determine how safe you are. If you need to take a self-defense class before you start house sitting, do so to increase your chances of being better equipped in an emergency situation.

At Insurance Center of Green Valley, we want you to take every precaution necessary to make your house sitting uneventful. From traveling to your friend’s home to ensuring your home, we have you covered. You can take a look at our website to see what coverage options we offer your family.